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Created by Asep Rudi Casmana

Reading interest of indonesian people is still low . Today conditions are recorded that one book is read by about 80,000 inhabitant of indonesia . It is said by Kompas Gramedia executive director ,Suwandi S. Subrata said that in the year 2011 noted the production of indonesian book about 20,000 title of the book . If we compare with the population of Indonesia which around 240 million and one  book is read by 80,000 people, this number is very concerned.
Developed countries held a program which is called reading compulsory for their students. Such as Germany, France and the Netherlands which oblige high school students to finish 22 to 32 book titles (1966-1975). Whereas, in Indonesia in the 1950-1997 there was no obligation for finishing one book title. And this condition is still going on today.
These events will be a danger when Indonesian people do matter to the sources of law that is codified. When students and college students are introduced to packages book, textbooks which are thick and very hard make them forget about the book the book of Law Criminal Law (KUHP) and is considered to be familiar in daily life. However, on its application in the daily life it is inseparatable from the rule of law in the KUHP. Therefore,  students  need of something new in the form of media that can provide insight into learning to learn the sources of
This paper aims to create the concept of new learning media for students and college students in attempt to understand the law in force in Indonesia at the moment. The concept is supported by some theories about the deffinition of the legislation of criminal law, the concept of android, applications as well as the learning media. This idea written by analysis of several problems occurred on the conditions of learning students and college students in Indonesia, which are attached to the logical solution based on an existing literature review.
Based on the analysis of the problems occurred on the conditions of students learning in Indonesia, there are some students who need learning media in understanding the sources of the law delivered by their lecturer. Legal sources currently applicable in Indonesia can only be learned through a very thick book, because looking at the number of the article that is very much in the article of the KUHP that is, 569 provisions. This occurence needs to be overcome by creating new media in accordance with technological advances, especially in the era of globalization.

The globalization in indonesia is in heavy, this is proved by the progress of technology that can increase the number of the hanphone owner among the students . By looking at the phenomena,  an idea comes out from the writer  to colaborate between technology with learning process that is, by  introducing  KUHP cellular. It is a media that can make the Indonesian people know more through the law in the country listed in KUHP. When they know something well then they will have an awareness to love, including in this case.
By using KUHP Mobile is expected to be able to help learners and students to understand thoroughly about the source of applicable law in Indonesia, so that the learning process becomes more efficient. When all teenagers nearly have cell phones, they will be easier to find out the KUHP when there is a program of the KUHP mobile on their phone, this will be a learning medium  for those BOUT his own country.

(This is summary of my paper that present in "Mahasiswa Berprestasi" Competition in Faculty of Social Science 2012)

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