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Tulisan ini akan dipresentasikan pada program Jakarta Model United Nations (Simulasi sidang PBB pada 9 s.d. 13 Juli 2012 mendatang)

Palestine is a region in the middle east between the mediterranean and the jordan river. The status of his politics still under debate. Most countries in the world, including countries OIC members, non aligned acknowledge the existence of either the state of Israel and the state of Palestine. Currently a palestinian state are facing a problem difficult to solve. Haven't even find a resolution in this problem.
Territorial disputes between the problems of Palestine-Israel has seized the world's attention international since November 29, 1947 when Israel claims Palestinian territory area. The dispute heated up again when the Palestinians applied for as a permanent member of the UN to-194 after peace talks during the two decades between the Palestine-Israel did not reach an agreement. It welcomed the positive efforts of filing by a majority of the world at large. in real terms there have been 124 countries to recognize an independent Palestinian State. The purpose of the desire of the Palestinian State to be the status of full member of the UN only one, namely, obtaining the sovereignty and independence of other States. But it can not be recognized by the United States.
Border problems have long been one point main problem between the two countries, even in among the palestinian state as fatah and hamas. It often cause political chaos because the parties always refuse to yields. Currently, palestinian trying hard lobbied the countries in the world to find support for membership fixed the country in the UN. That stage strongly opposed Israel even us threatened to veto any legislation leading to of Palestine recognition.
President of the United States upset the hard stance against Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, the United States threatened to halt financial aid to the Palestinians if the Palestinians choose the path of the UN  as a solution for the long feud with Israel. The threat of termination of aid funds for the Palestinians it was voiced by a number of United States politicians after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas refused to get back to the negotiating table.
Earlier, the United States has also threatened to use his Royal veto to stop Palestinian steps requested official recognition as a State to the UN. During this time, the status of Palestine to the UN as an observer only, so it takes a unanimous support from the UN Security Council permanent members which is composed of United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom and France.
The state Chilean as one latin american countries led by a president named sebastian pinera visited the state of Israel and Palestine in order to support peace between the two nations and ofcourse palestinian support for independence. It also declared by foreign minister Chile, Alfredo Moreno, that although decide to support palestinian being a member of the UN Chile but not be engaged too far in trouble between Israel and the Palestinians. Issues like this must be completed by both countries to the dispute course.
On 16 september 2011, president Mahmod Abbas expressed. that we ( Palestinians ) will go to UN to ask the right we iegitimate, get full membership Palestine in the organisation. Efforts entreaty palestinian having a full membership UN is struggle palestinian get status as the independent state that sovereign frontiersman based on june 4 1967. The strategy taken the bigwigs palestinian authority after the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians for approximately 2 decade not also have the common ground between the two parties. So far, representation of the Palestinians in the UN done by Palestine liberation organization function as an entity that has status an observer. Palestinian attitude that full membership in the UN will strengthen the position of Palestinians in the negotiation with Israel. Full membership allow palestinian have interest practical namely participation in several agencies UN that can be used as weapons Palestinians in demands action from Israel. Order to get a full membership UN, palestinian must through trial annual assembly UN in new york on may 21 september 2011. Next palestinian needs approval from the UN security council consist of 15 countries with minimal requirement get nine than 15 support sound and no veto of members. Besides, any recommendations produced security council also needs support a majority at least 2 / 3 from 193 members of the common as the ratification the end.
Theoretically and requirements to become members of the UN palestinian has included to become members of the UN. Because palestinian already recognized by one-twelve member states UN. Besides 150 countries had opened respective diplomatic missions relations with the Palestinians, though the US still be established with their principle, will the right use veto if problem Palestine membership in the UN discussed back in the UN general members. Hence palestinian now has not yet become member states UN, besides just as a country course.
But without the recognition, a Palestinian State is officially recognized by the State, and 150 countries 112 is already open their diplomatic relations with the Palestinians. In addition also the Palestinian already accepted into the UNESCO to 195, as well as President Mahmoud Abbas had already managed to reunite Palestinian groups that were previously split into two part, which is chaired by his own Faction and factional Fataah Hamas leader Ismael haniyah.
Because the outstanding achievements and almost two-thirds of member countries of the UN now officially recognize a palestinian state and opening diplomatic relations with the Palestinians under censure from US and Israel.
So far, the status of the Palestinian UN just as an observer it took me support a spheroid from permanent members the UN security council, consisting of the United States, China, Russia, Britain and France.
Another Solving
One problem solving Palestine is the establishment of the Union of Islamic Turkey. In Turkey, the Union of Islamic not a muslim, the nazarenes or jews will be suffered the pangs of anything. People shall not be slain,become poor oppressed or to feel afraid.
There is no problem an abandoned in court or legal institutions. There is no murder case left. There is no destitution neilremain handled. There will be no productivity is a standstill. Shall be no more folly.
Behold god loves those who fight on his way in the regular as though they were as an edifice are arrayed sturdy. (QS. Ash Shaaff, 61:4) 
And ( for ) those who when they were treated with zalim they defend themselves. ( aya. Asy syuuraa, 42: 39 ).
Every day without any effort in enforcing Islamic Union Turkey is a damage and loss. Turkey's Islamic Union must be established without delay. Our whole nation Turkey supports and approves of the Union (the Union) is remarkable. Statewide family Turkey and considers Islamic countries Union (the Union) is necessary. They rejoice and mean it supports it. This Union will work for the benefit and well-being of the nation's material and spiritual America, Russia, China, Europe and the whole world, and will bring peace, brotherhood, love and prosperity of the world.
Turkey's Islamic Union is a Union of love. He was the United affection, United carefully. The cornerstone of the Union (the Union) is the sense of love, the attitude of giving priority to others, help others, compassion, grace and a sense of mutual understanding. The Union also aims to reach for the highest ideals in terms of respect for humanity and in the fields of art and culture, science and technology. Once this is created, then the Union is not the only Muslim and Turkey thicket, but around the world, will get enlightenment.
Recent developments indicate that the cornerstone of the establishment of the Islamic Union of Turkey, to look forward to with surge and high spirits by the Turkey-Islam, it is very close. The stage first and foremost towards the Union that is Azerbaijan and Turkey are United as the two countries, but one single nation. In the near future, Turkey, as a country, will take the lead of the super leadership of the Islamic world and Nations Turkey and unite the entire clump of the Muslims in an area that is more extensive than the Caucasus to Tanzania and from Morocco to Fiji, under one roof.
The Union will bestow great power upon the Islamic world-Turkey. What makes the Union of the believer is in such a strong faith and essentially is their adherence. Only the earnest faith that can give birth to a true friendship and bond. The Muslims love each other with Sacred Heart and for the sake of reaching for the pleasure of Allah, without the slightest tucked self-interest. A Union (the Union) established on the basis of the strongest known  fear and will never be destroyed, unless Allah willed.
The Union of Islamic Turkey first and especially will settle disputes among countries muslims and bring peace in the islamic world; united it will oppose all move that incites the war and clashes in the world wholly, and will become a force capable of preventing all the effort devoted to prompted the war.
With the founding of the Union of Islamic Turkey, America, Europe, China, Russia, Israel and in short all over the world will be able to breathe more relief. The terror will stop, the channelling of raw materials will secure, economic and social order will be protected and the clash of civilizations will be gone entirely. America will not need to send troops into areas that are thousands of miles away, Israel will no longer have to live behind walls, Eu countries will no longer experience barriers in economy, Russia would no longer have concerns over security issues and the Chinese will never have trouble finding raw materials.

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