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Rabu, 04 Mei 2016

The peculiar event namely "Mappanretasi"

Good night all internet citizens who open my blog. In this night, I feel utterly lazy to study relating to academic writing. I have frequently tried to discover the topic in which I will create the critical review from some medias, however I could not focus to write anymore. Therefore, I remember that I have ever read some article from Tempo magazine that I bought in the street vendor in front of Premier Jakarta Hospital. After reading some topic, I think that it is utterly peculiar to be shared to others.
Here we go!
Prior to writing, I am really sorry with regard to my writing. Actually, I am trying to create the better paragraph this night, however it is quite difficult for me. As such, I write free writing. I hope that this article will not minimize netizen intention to come visit and read my personal blogs.

Senin, 02 Mei 2016

What is going on with the case of Yeyen?

By Asep Rudi Camana

In this day and age, the pupils particularly woman studying in the high school have been the victims of raping case and the reasons behind this catastrophe varies. Some people acknowledge that this case is completely caused by the girl since the woman usually come alone when they go home in the night and they wear the t-shirt which ignites the males to rape them. However, other citizens argue that the terrible events are driven to the location as the case is located in the utterly rural areas.
The picture is taken from www.kompas.com
The people arguing that the raping case is caused by the girl are because of the performance. Usually, the pupils learning in the high school have a tendency for showing the shirt which shapes their bodies although they wear the skirt and shirt. This opinion is supported by Sophia Hage in BBC Indonesia, the campaign director of sexual abuses in Lentera Indonesia. What is more, he said that the girls under the age of fifteen frequently come home in the midnight which is utterly dangerous for them to go home. In this case, the viable solution to tackle the problem is that the parents should fully encourage and be surveillance in days and night.

In addition to this, although the case of raping is imperative, sometimes it is never been published by media because the location is in the utterly rural areas. Take Yeyen case as an example, this outstanding student dwelling in Padang Ulak Tanding Village, Rejang Lebong Subdictrict, Bengkulu Province is raped and murdered by 14 males in the very rural place which is close to the river. The girl having 14 years old is tied by the rope in her hand and foot during raping. After the rappers have been satisfied, the girl is littered until she died. This terrible case is happened on Tuesday, 05 April 2016 and published right now. This determines that the case because of locating in the rural areas is not really important.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that there are two main reasons with the case of Yeyen related to not be published relating to the girl itself and the location in the rural areas. Where possible, I argue that this case should be carefully and fully given an attention by the government as the raping case in Indonesia is many.