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Rabu, 04 Mei 2016

The peculiar event namely "Mappanretasi"

Good night all internet citizens who open my blog. In this night, I feel utterly lazy to study relating to academic writing. I have frequently tried to discover the topic in which I will create the critical review from some medias, however I could not focus to write anymore. Therefore, I remember that I have ever read some article from Tempo magazine that I bought in the street vendor in front of Premier Jakarta Hospital. After reading some topic, I think that it is utterly peculiar to be shared to others.
Here we go!
Prior to writing, I am really sorry with regard to my writing. Actually, I am trying to create the better paragraph this night, however it is quite difficult for me. As such, I write free writing. I hope that this article will not minimize netizen intention to come visit and read my personal blogs.

Well, I have a tendency for sharing about “MAPPANRETASI”, do you know guys what does it mean? Have you ever tried to follow this unique event? If you have not heard this event yet, I will describe and share this wonderful events.

Mappanretasi is the traditional event originally from Bugis tribe located in the South Borneo. In terms of the word, Mappanretasi comes from “ma’ppanre” which means feeding and “tasi” which is the sea. It can be describe that Mappanretasi is the activity of feeding the rice for the sea. Some local people argue that this unique event means that this is the shape of blessing to the God, as God has render a wide range of fishes to the inhabitants.

The government of South Borneo together with the leader in Tanah Bambu held the program annually called Mappanretasi. There are some conditions which should be provided for creating this ancient event, which are barengseng banana, sticky rice with four colors which are black, white, black, yellow and guava color. This event should be led by Sandro, usually they wear the clothes coloring with yellow. As the first step approaches, the Sandro behead the black chicken and put it on the sea as the honor for the beach.

Frequently the Mappanretasi event is held as the closing ceremony in sea festival during 8-14 April annually. Some tourists and holidaymakers come to Borneo for seeing and observing this unique event as the event is only held in Borneo.

In my personal opinion, the authorities should encourage more the program of showing this traditional event as this is only appeared in Indonesia. As a result, it can be the magnet of international visitors for coming to Indonesia.

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