About Us


Experienced and caring staff

 With over 40 years of experience in a variety of settings, we feel confident that we can get you back to being your best. 


Generate excitement

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Direct Access - No script needed

Are you hurting now? Florida law allows us to evaluate and treat your condition for up to 30 days. 

We also have competitive Self Pay rates for those who may not have insurance or have very high deductibles

Core Services

Performance Focused Rehab


No matter if you're an administrator, a Fire fighter, or an athlete our focus is to restore you to a high functional level. 

Post Operative Therapy


Sometimes Physical Therapy can help you avoid surgery, but when it doesn't we have the skill and experience to help you return to a high level of function.

Motor Vehicle Accident


Evidence shows that when people who attend therapy within a week of a car accident and are prescribed appropriate exercises and skilled manual therapy have a 90% success rate 

Return to Work Program


Getting injured at work is stressful on multiple levels. Time off work, loss of production, loss of money, etc. Luckily we have been trained to not only assist our clients to return to work as quickly as possible, we also decrease their risk of re-injury

Back Pain Management


There are few things that are as debilitating as Back Pain. It can significantly alter ones quality of life. Let us help you get "back" healthy and decrease the odds of it happening again

Balance & Vertigo Care


Let us help reduce your risk of falls